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I’m a passionate multi-tasker in limbo.  My name is Maria and I have a {newly earned} Bachelor of Science in Communication from Kennesaw State University.

Like most of my peers, I have some spare time before that first job.  And while I’m building my portfolio and taking some time off, I want to see what everyone else is doing with this recess.  I want to fill this website with interviews.

My background is in journalism.  I’ve been published hundreds of times in Atlanta and a few times outside of the metro area.  I love design/ layout, photography and writing.  I’ve recently started building my portfolio in PR and marketing.

I cofounded a magazine for creative professionals in Atlanta called CommonCreativ.  I’ve worked for Modern Luxury Media (JEZEBEL Magazine, The Atlantan, Men’s Book Atlanta and more), GO! Digital Magazine, Skirt! Magazine, MyDailyThread, Mer-itocracy Creative, Inc., KSU Student Media and more.  I currently do PR for multiple Atlanta businesses and am the editorial director of CommonCreativ.

Although I enjoy doing many things at once, I am looking for that one full-time commitment.

Follow me on Twitter (@creativATLANTA).  Click here to see my resume.

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We’re in recess.

For many graduates, a struggling economy means a long and anticipatory recess between college and that first job. What are you doing with your spare time? Recession is a blog for the awesome and unemployed. It's a collection of interviews with great people dealing with their newfound free time.



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