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“Job seeking is something you’ll have to do for a while, but it’s not who you are.” -Gina Thompson

“All of a sudden, the background changed”

“After graduation I said to my mom, ‘Now I know why people have babies right away.  There’s something to plan during a time when everything is up in the air.’  I already got married and bought a house.  What’s next?” ponders Gina Thompson, a self-proclaimed messy perfectionist.  She graduated from Kennesaw State University on May 11 … Continue reading

“It’s OK to freak out.  It’s natural.  If I wasn’t freaking out, I’d be freaking out that I wasn’t freaking out.” -Sarah R Bailey

“I seriously went on a mood elevator”

Avid writer Sarah R Bailey is not playing around when it comes to her future.  Though she’s found that getting a full-time job is tough, Bailey is doing everything she can to build her portfolio until that time comes.  Yes folks, like most college grads, she is working for free for the time being. Bailey … Continue reading

“I think you have to keep doing what you want to do. There’s a start and an end to anything, but how you get there is the most important and it has to be all about what you really want to do.” -Emily Hogan

“Sometimes we look for job titles.  The new theory or approach should be finding a lead and choosing to fulfill it.  It’s the ultimate entrepreneurship.” -Krystal Roberts

“Take time to see straight for a second”

Don’t you just hate being set in your ways, and then meeting someone who inspires you to try something different?  No?  Me neither. “I had one track.  And that’s all I saw.  But then… I started seeing all of these other things.”  After getting her undergrad in business from Florida A&M University, Krystal Roberts was … Continue reading

“You can’t stick to any mold”

“I’m actually not scared,” says music and pop culture enthusiast Emily Hogan, “I’m confused.”  And it’s not the first time.  Hogan admits she doesn’t always follow one predetermined path.  “I’ve changed my major like five times.” After pursuing a History degree, then English, then back to History, Hogan settled on a Communication degree.  “When I … Continue reading

“Soul-searching is important, but you are not going to seal your fate immediately after college.” -Josh Hughes

“Don’t get overwhelmed”

While setting up some interviews with my first group of grads in Atlanta, I thought that maybe I should start with something a little different.  Who better to start with than my best friend, Josh Hughes?  He’s been there (quite recently) and has some important advice to the recent grads out there looking for their … Continue reading

We’re in recess.

For many graduates, a struggling economy means a long and anticipatory recess between college and that first job. What are you doing with your spare time? Recession is a blog for the awesome and unemployed. It's a collection of interviews with great people dealing with their newfound free time.



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